It's 2014 and she died in 1962 and I walk around in shops and there is quilt sets of her, framed photographs, clocks of her etc her legend has lived on for over 50 years now. She is one of the most known and famous people. But if she didn't die in 62 and was still with us which is a possibility because she would of only been 88 do you think she'd be as famous and as known as she is today?

Oh definitely! I would love to think that she would be happy, making movies she always wanted to.. Perhaps even producing or directing. Living in her beautiful home in California. Obviously this isn’t how it is now but I would like to think she would have been happy doing whatever.

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What do you think about the film my week with marilyn? I really felt it was a poor portrayal of marilyn..... Maybe i'm wrong?

I found that it was a cute movie. But yes some things were not factual, like the affair she has with Colin. The movie creators felt like they had to had it in, for a better film I suppose but I don’t see how it helped at all.

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You answered to someone's question "how do you think she died" with "accidental overdose". According to medical files it is absolutely impossible that she would have overdosed. Ralph Greenson is the one responsible for her death.

I don’t like talking about her death or the conspiracy that surrounds it. I’m here to share her photographs, videos and life while she was living - and help her legacy live on, not question how she passed.

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Marilyn Monroe, 1952. 

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Marilyn Monroe in There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954)

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Looking for someone to help me with a side project!

If you’re good at designing blogs (on blogspot) please message me!


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Marilyn Monroe at Madison Square Gardens, 30th March 1955.
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Marilyn Monroe on the set of Don’t Bother to Knock, 1952.

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Absolutely love you blog! Sorry for all those notifications :) xx

Thank you!!! :)

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I’ve been so busy with life for the past few months!!

Overall, I need another me to handle my life at the moment

If you know where there is a second Jenna in the world, please direct them to Ontario, Canada and tell her to find me please!

Love you all! xo

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