Marilyn receives “The New Star Award” , March 9, 1953

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I thought I’d seen them all; being in the business I’d seen so many models and actresses. But I’d never seen anyone with that tone of voice, that kindness, that real softness. 
- Milton Greene

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Marilyn Monroe in England, 1956

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Your blog is so amazing! Thank you for all of the wonderful pics!!

Thanks so kindly anon! :) It wouldn’t be worth it without all of my followers and Marilyn lovers on the internet xox I do it for you!

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July 1962: Marilyn by George Barris on Santa Monica Beach.

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How many followers do u have rn

9,638! A few years back this was my personal account and my personal account was my Marilyn account. I made the switch to have co-owners and lost a great deal of followers. So I would be well over 10,000 by now but I paid the price!

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So I’m thinking once I hit 10,000 followers I will do some type of a giveaway!!

I wish I knew how to tell who is the 10,000 follower so I could just give them a prize. Any way to tell?

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Marilyn photographed by Cecil Beaton, 1955. 

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Marilyn photographed in Korea, 1954. 

This lovely blog makes beautiful edits! Please check her out xo

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Hi,darling! You have the most beautiful Marilyn tumblog out there! Thank you for such a lovely blog!:)

Thank you so much! :) I really appreciate that

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